Buddy’s Buddies Dog Camp is better than a daycare service.  We pick up your pup from your home, take them to exclusive private land, and spend 3+ hours training, running, and socializing.  Once your pup is tired we drop them off at home so that they can spend the rest of their day relaxing.

What are the Benefits of Camp?

  • Being part of a pack means no more lonely days at home.
  • No guilt about leaving your best friend at home, because they’ll be living the life at camp!
  • Adventures filled with swimming, hiking, playing, and running!
  • Healthy exercise (more than a typical daycare setting).
  • Training for real world distractions.
  • Time to just be a dog.
  • Endless sniffing pleasures.
  • Off-leash play with other friendly dogs.
  • Wide open spaces on private land.
  • Free pick-up and drop-off.
  • An exclusive pack which means your dog gets closer with their buddies, creating a safer play experience, and lasting friendships.

What does your dog learn at camp?

  • How to play and socialize with other dogs in a healthy and appropriate manner
  • Better recall skills with increased distractions
  • Impulse control

Your dog will come home tired, and more well-behaved.  Dog camps are an alternative to regular daycare, they are less over-whelming, and more predictable for your dog. 

Typical Camp Day Schedule:

8-9:30am: Pick up all of the buddies!

9:30am-12:30pm: Dog Camp Activities including socializing, games, impulse control training, pack walking, swimming, running, and playing.

12:30-2:00pm: Drop off all of the buddies in their respective homes!

*Some times vary to best suit Vermont’s ever-changing weather.  Some days we delay or advance to get the most out of our camp days!