Chelsea is excited to offer a range of new services to her existing clientele. Chelsea does not train or work with clients outside of her dog camp clientele.  This is because Chelsea is most comfortable working with people and dogs whom she already has a base knowledge of, as well as a relationship with.  Dog training is hard work for everyone involved, and Chelsea prefers to work with clients who have already showed their commitment to training.

Chelsea has experience in the following areas, and works with clients regularly to support their dogs’ training both in the home and at camp! It’s total consistency from camp, to boarding, to home.

Chelsea has hands on skills and understands basic dog psychology and behavior.  She works with:

-Behavior modification
-Socializing difficult dogs
-Puppy training
-Leash reactivity or aggression
-Obedience training
-Recall Training

Common problems she has helped her clients solve are:

  • Jumping On Guests
  • Boundary Training Inside & Outside
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorders
  • Anxiety or Fear Disorders
  • Running Off or No Recall
  • Poor Leash Manners
  • Leash Reactivity
  • Darting Out Doors
  • Aggression Towards People
  • Aggression Towards Dogs
  • Resource Guarding
  • Excessive Barking

Chelsea sets herself apart from other canine professionals with unmatched dedication to her clients.  Once she takes on a client and their dog(s) she considers them a part of her pack for life.  She believes that who you surround yourself with in life, directly impacts your perception of the world, and your ability to help; because of this, she carefully selects her clients, and is totally devoted to them.  Chelsea learned nearly everything she knows about dog training from Rhonda Bilodeau.  If you need help, and are not a client, keep reading!

Vermont Dog Pack – Owner, Rhonda Bilodeau

We continuously take continuing education seminars and trainings with Rhonda.  Chelsea considers Rhonda her mentor, and counts herself lucky to work with such a talented and passionate person. Rhonda is who we always refer our training inquiries to- if you are not a current Buddy’s Buddies client, click below to be redirected to her website:

Vermont Dog Pack

Vermont Dog Pack was started in 2007 by Vermonter, Rhonda Bilodeau. Rhonda is a certified S.A.T.S. trainer, a TMD E-cademy Graduate and E-Touch Certified but her program is primarily based off of the Training Between the Ears (TBTE) system. Learn more about TBTE Here. TBTE is similar to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) in that it helps dogs feel differently about their triggers. This NLP style of training helps to rewire their brains, changing how they view the word. This is how Rhonda trains reliable dogs- focusing on a dog’s opinion about the world not just their behavior. Rhonda developed a strong interest in NLP because of how much anxiety both dog and owner were passing between each other. She is completing her Master NLP Coach and Clinical Hypnotherapist course through Thrive Collective Learning to help assist her clients in remaining calm and positive when with their dogs. She also plans to use these skills to enhance her mentoring skills in the community.

Rhonda has sought out the very best teachers in the dog training field. Most notably Mark McCabe and Jay Jack. The knowledge gained watching, working with and studying these teachers helped her develop a program that offers real solutions for any breed exhibiting fear aggression, hyperactivity, or dog-to-dog aggression.

Rhonda holds certifications and completion of programs in;

  • Advanced Dog Socialization
  • Behavioral Training Related to Fear Aggression
  • Condition Relaxation & Perception Modification
  • Off-Leash Electronic Remote Collar Training (over 1000 hours completed)
  • Puppy Training & Raising
  • Basic & Advanced On-Leash & Off-Leash Obedience Training

Rhonda strives to offer you a service that surpasses any one else in experience, education and results!