We are lucky to work with some pretty amazing people!

Wanderwags, LLC – Owner, Georgia Duncan

We walk with Georgia and her packs daily.  Georgia owns Wanderwags, LLC! Georgia and Chelsea started walking together in the Fall of 2019.  At first the intention was to discuss ideas, and learn from each other.  However, a friendship as well as a beautiful professional relationship quickly blossomed, and now they partner together in many aspects of their independent businesses. Click below to be redirected to her website.

Wanderwags LLC

Georgia has been providing care to a wide array of animals for over 12 years.

Her first job was at a small zoo where she helped look after their educational animals. From there she gained a degree in large animal farm management from Norfolk County Agricultural High School. While studying, she worked as a veterinary technician and became inspired to learn more about the holistic methods of healing animals. 

She then gained her bachelors of science in Wellness and Alternative Medicine from Northern Vermont University and continued her work as a vet tech specializing in holistic care.  

Georgia then found a way to combine her knowledge of animal medicine and behavior with her love of the outdoors. 

She developed Wanderwags LLC with the hope of providing an outstanding service for companion animals and their owners. 

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My Dog Camp Online Program- Start your own dog camp!

Chelsea completed the My Dog Camp Online course twice!  The first time she completed the program prior to starting Buddy’s Buddies.  Two years later the creators of the My Dog Camp program added so much new content, that Chelsea decided to take the course again.  Chelsea attributes 100% of her success to the preparation and support that the My Dog Camp Course provided her.

Chelsea offers email and phone interview sessions to people considering taking the program.  Schedule an appointment by completing the “Contact Us” Form- and put MDCI in the PROMO code section.  Act now to get the inside scoop on this program!

If you decide to purchase the program, enter the code BBDC to save $100 on your tuition- you’re welcome!

Click the link below to be redirected to the My Dog Camp Website!

My Dog Camp

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